Film of the Day – Predators


Why did movie snobs not like this reboot of the Predator sci-fi franchise? This is back to basics us versus them – sans Arnie – with improved special effects and monsters.

Alien versus Predator was a cul de sac which should never have been explored – other than in the minds of bedroom dwelling 15 year-olds with no friends and too much time on their hands – so this perfectly pitched sc-fi-suspense-action-thriller is a back on the money with its mix of close camera suspense and pounding action sequences.

Directed by Nimród Antal (Kontroll, Metallica Through the Never), the film opens with a ragtag collection of mercenaries, soldiers and gang members waking under parachutes falling to an alien world. They have only two things in common  – they are all killers and they are all now prey for game-hunting Predator.

The cast is good but the dialogue weak, nevertheless Adrien Brody, Alice Braga and Topher Grace all do well with the lines on offer, while Walton Goggins, Mahershala Ali and Oleg Taktarov step up with good character support. I’ve wasted many hours watching pointless TV shows and movies, but this one is surely not among them.

Predators – Tuesday 11.05pm FilmFour