Film of the Day – Realive


Game of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin and Victoria’s Tom Hughes star in this 2017 sci-fi drama which tells the story of a man with a terminal disease who cryogenically freezes his body until medical science can find a way to cure him. Also featuring in major roles; Bastille Day’s Charlotte le Bon plays Elizabeth, Britannia’s Barry Ward is West and Extinction’s Julio Perillán becomes Dr Serra.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, accomplished designer Marc Jarvis decides he wants to “go out” of his own accord, opting to essentially commit suicide before being cryogenically frozen and revived some time in the future when medicine can cure his ailment. Waking up 60 years later, Jarvis begins to question morality, the soul and ultimately life itself, struggling with his new reality and the fact that he has done the impossible and cheated death. Or so he thinks.


Realive – Monday 9:40pm on Sky Premier.