Film of the day: Rings

Rings starring Matilda Lutz

If you are a newcomer to The Ring cycle – and we’re not talking about Wagner – you’ll probably enjoy this frothy reboot of the classic psychological horror films. Directed by F Javier Gutiérrez, this is aimed squarely at a teens audience and lacks the finesse or atmosphere of its predecessors. However, there are no shortage of lank-haired spectres slithering out of flat screen TVs and smartphones after the mysterious videotape is circulated online and a new generation of always-connected youngsters can’t resist the temptation or danger of watching something they shouldn’t.

The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki is to blame, here playing a science professor who witnesses all manner of creepy goings-on – rain falling upwards, an insect hatching from the end of a lit joint – after watching the film, and shares the recording to ensure he doesn’t meet a grisly end.

He uses his position to kick off an extracurricular research project that brings in college kid Holt (Alex Roe, The 5th Wave) and his concerned high-school girlfriend Julia (Italian TV star Matilda Lutz) but also opens the door to unpitying spectre, Samara.

Film of the day: Rings – from Saturday 28 October on Sky Cinema Premiere and Sky Cinema on demand.


Photo: Quantrell Colbert