Film of the Day – Risen


Director Kevin Reynolds manages to breathe new life and vivacity into the Bible’s familiar, ancient crucifixion story, telling the tale from a fresh perspective – that of a seasoned Roman commander named Clavius. Joseph Fiennes becomes the main character, Clavius, in this 2016 religious drama and is accompanied by the Harry Potter series’ Tom Felton who plays his aide, Lucius. Elsewhere, Peter Firth, Cliff Curtis and Maria Botto all hold major roles.

Set in his ways after 25 years of loyal service to the Roman Empire, Clavius – a military tribune under Pontius Pilate – is tasked with expediting a crucifixion in the province of Jerusalem. Fearful of a uprising in the city after hearing of rumours that the Jewish messiah, Yeshua, had risen from the dead, Pilate charges Clavius with investigating the incident. A sceptic at first, Clavius carries out his orders, unknowingly embarking on a journey which would not only challenges his religious beliefs but his entire existence as well.


Risen – Tuesday 9:00pm on Film 4.