Film of the day: Road to Perdition

Tom Hans and Tyler Hoechlin in Road to Perdition

Some days you really have to dig to find that nugget of gold in the TV schedules and here in Sam Mendes’ Depression-era crime thriller, we have a perfect example. Hidden away on Sony Movies (Channel 323 on Sky), Road to Perdition is a masterfully shot production that leaves you feeling the grubbiness of the setting and the soaking chill of the rain as if you were there.

Tom Hanks stars as Mike Sullivan, a devoted family man and feared mob enforcer for whom tragedy and chaos come calling when his domestic and professional life become one. Bereaved and with a young son in tow, the vengeful Sullivan embarks on a road trip across country to evade the hitmen his former mentor (Paul Newman) has sent to guarantee his silence.

A great picture that balances the actions of a killer with his conscience and bereavement. Also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Daniel Craig, Stanley Tucci and Jude Law.

Road to Perdition – Wednesday – 9.00pm on Sony Movies.

Photo: Francois Duhamel – © 2002 – Dreamworks LLC – All Rights Reserved