Film of the day: Se7en

Seven - Brad Pitt

Remember way back when, when Brad Pitt was a pretty boy, up-and-coming actor who got a role as the eye candy in a Thelma & Louise sandwich?

Yep, that Brad Pitt. Well, he could have drifted off into obscurity, like so many other flash in the pan Hollywood heartthrobs (or even ended up on Wild Bill like poor Rob Lowe), if he hadn’t taken a punt on David Fincher’s stylish, dark thriller, Se7en.

This is a soot black thriller in which a serial killer evades his police detective pursuers, Pitt and grizzled veteran Morgan Freeman, as he leaves a grisly trail of cadavers each themed on one of the seven deadly sins – each killing seems more bloody and depraved than the last.

It’s a film that has been much imitated in the years since it was released but none of the pretenders have come close to bettering it and it’s ending remains one of the best sequences in modern crime cinema. Sinister and unrelentingly bleak, if you can’t spare time tonight to watch this, be sure to set the PVR. Absolute classic.

Se7en – Monday at 9.00pm on Sky Cinema Thriller.