Film of the day: Side Effects

Side Effects - Rooney Mara

Steven Soderbergh’s dream(nightmare)-like psychological thriller is a briliant twisting knot of concerns. This is a modern noir coupled with a post-expert slating of mental health services and the seemingly all-powerful cabal of doctors who rule what is healthy and what is not in our grey matter.

In this tale, Rooney Mara plays a young woman struggling with depression and suicidal tendencies as her husband (Channing Tatum) serves time for insider trading. As she seeks help for her illness she falls under the spell of a psychiatrist (Jude Law) who recommends a new wonder drug – and from there on in, life becomes more complicated for Mara.

There is a great deal of cynicism within this film about the role of the health professional and the ‘cure all’ medications that are freely prescribed for everything from depression to mental health issues but it is neatly encapsulated within Soderbergh’s bitter, twisted pill.

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