Film of the Day – Split (2017)


Night Shyamalan’s so-called “East-rail 177” trilogy continues from his 2000 film, Unbreakable, with this 2017 psychological horror-thriller. Starring James McAvoy as the unnervingly unpredictable Kevin Wendell Crumb – a young man diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder – while Anya Taylor Joy stars as Casey with Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson cast as her two friends, Marcia and Claire respectively.

After being kidnapped by a man with a variant of multiple personality disorder, Casey Cooke finds herself alongside her two friends, Claire and Marcia, locked away in a cell with no idea where they are or how to get out. Before long, they’re met by the same man who captured them – albeit with a different one of his personalities being dominant – subsequently separating Claire from the other two friends.

After a while it is revealed that “Barry” – Kevin’s most dominant personality – is refusing to allow another three personality control of the body given a number of their misgivings; “Dennis” is shunned for his tendency to bother under-age girls, “Patricia” because of her undesirable traits and “Hedwig” because he allows the other two access to the body. Shortly following this Kevin’s psychiatrist claims that there is a malevolent 24th personality referred to as “the beast” and that Kevin’s physiology changes when that personality takes over. As the three friends find themselves helplessly alone and pitted against an adversary as unpredictable as he is powerful, they must find a way to escape before “the beast” is allowed to assume control over Kevin.


Split (2017) – Tuesday 9:00pm on Sky Cinema (Hits).