Film of the day: Split

James McAvoy in Split

Split, M Night Shyamalan’s abduction nerve shredder, is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but there is no denying its qualities.

A trip to the mall for three young women ends with them waking in a subterannean bunker after they are drugged and abducted by dissociative identity disorder suffering James McAvoy.

With 23 personalities to keep in check, McAvoy’s loner, zookeeper Kevin is a carousel of disturbing characters whose visits to the girls’ dungeon keep the psychological tension simmering. However, Split takes a step change when Kevin reveals the existence of the Beast and his intention to sacrifice his guests to it.

Unsettling and nightmarish, this is a thriller that builds to a trademark Shyamalan twist and will make you think twice about who you let into your car.

Split – Friday at 10.15pm on Sky Cinema HD.