Film of the day: Spy

Spy starring Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy stars in writer-director Paul Feig’s comedy action-thriller. Susan Cooper (McCarthy) and Bradley Fine (Jude Law) work for the CIA; he’s a top undercover agent, she provides him with intelligence support from her desk at HQ (and is clearly in love with him). But the failure of his mission to recover a briefcase-sized nuclear weapon has dramatic consequences: the bomb falls into the hands of arms dealers Sergio de Luca (Bobby Cannavale) and Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), he has contacts with terrorist organisations, while she has a list of all known CIA agents. With the Agency’s top operatives effectively sidelined, the unknown and inexperienced Cooper is sent to Europe to retrieve the bomb. Does she have what it takes? Also starring Jason Statham as the CIA agent who’s disgruntled at Cooper’s promotion; Miranda Hart as the newly promoted Cooper’s assistant; and Allison Janney as their CIA boss.

Film of the day: Spy – Sunday 9.00pm on Channel 4.