Film of the Day – Stephen King’s IT


What are you afraid of? Stephen King’s iconic killer clown, Pennywise, gets a touch up with Andy Muscietti’s 2017 reboot. Playing one of the teens who sets about trying to solve the mystery of the sinister clown which has plagued their town for decades, Jaeden Lieberher stars as Billy – the brother of a missing child. Also featuring in the film’s young cast are Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis and Bill Skarsgård.

After his younger brother, Georgie, mysteriously disappears while playing outside one day, Billy heads a ragtag band of teens as they investigate a spate of missing persons cases which have been brushed under the carpet and a strange clown who everyone in the town seems to know but is never spoken of.


Stephen King’s IT – Saturday 9:00pm on Sky Cinema (Sci-fi and Horror).