Film of the day: Studio 666

Studio 666

Studio 666 is a horror comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it benefits as a result. BJ McDonnell chucks in a tonne of humour and runs through the full horror movie schtick with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters – I told you it didn’t take itself too seriously.

So the premise is, the Foo Fighters have to record their 10th album but insist that they need a unique sound, this is a landmark album after all. The finger of fate – or the band’s management – decides that they will get their creative juices on at an isolated mansion. What they omit to tell the band is that the house played host to another band in the 1990s who were immersed in creating their next killer album that they all wound up dead.

Grohl wrote the original ideas for Studio 666 and is good value as he grapples with supernatural forces that threaten both the completion of the album and the lives of the band.

A good bit of fun for Friday night.

Studio 666 – from Friday on Sky Cinema and Now.
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