Film of the Day: Super 8

JJ Abrams' homage to cinematic spectacle is a classic in itself. Photo: Paramount

From writer and director JJ Abrams (who also co-produced the film with Stephen Spielberg) following his Star Trek reboots, comes this sci-fi thriller and teenage coming-of-age story.

Starring Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning, it is 1979 and 12 year old Joe and friend Charles (Riley Griffiths) are making a zombie flick with their 8mm movie camera.

One night when the young autuers sneak out to film for their zombie movie, they witness and film a spectacular train crash. The incident is shocking, but it hides something none of the children expect.

When the military begins to appear to mop up the disaster, and a number of strange phenomena start to happen, the children decide to investigate…


Super 8 – Friday at 6.45pm on Film4