Film of the Day: Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Ken Loach’s drama starring Martin Compston. Scottish teenager Liam (Compston) is fast approaching his 16th birthday, but rather than studying at school, he and his friend Pinball (William Ruane) spend their days (like many of their contemporaries) flogging illicit cigarettes and running other scams on the streets and in the pubs of Greenock.

One day, while visiting his mother (Michelle Coulter) in prison, he refuses to help her violent, drug-dealing partner Stan (Gary McCormack) to smuggle drugs into the facility. It’s an act of defiance that earns him a severe beating from Stan and sees him thrown out of his grandfather Rab’s (Tommy McKee) flat. He moves in with his (slightly) older sister Chantelle (Annmarie Fulton), who urges him to follow her example and train for a legitimate job. But Liam’s not prepared to wait to achieve his dream of buying a caravan, where he can lead a normal life with his mum and sister. Instead, he opts to quickly raise the necessary cash by getting involved in the local drug trade.

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