Film of the day: Ted


Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star in (writer-director-producer) Seth MacFarlane’s irreverent and vulgar comedy-drama about the relationship between a man, a woman and the man’s toy bear.

The young John Bennett (Bretton Manley) had such an unpleasant and lonely childhood that he wished his soft toy, Teddy, would come alive and be his friend. And to everyone’s surprise it did.

The walking, talking and wisecracking plush creature (voiced by MacFarlane) became an overnight sensation – even appearing on The Johnny Carson Show. But fame being what it is, Teddy’s time in the limelight ended. Now, Bennett (Wahlberg) is a directionless slacker in his 30s and still inseparable from Ted. They share a fondness for booze and pot, but the cynical bear has also developed his own distinctive sexual peccadillos, which he indulges with prostitutes (while harbouring a deep resentment that he wasn’t made with anatomical correctness).

However, Bennett’s emotional loyalty towards Ted faces its biggest test yet, in the shape of Bennett’s girlfriend Lori (Kunis). She thinks that Bennett needs to grow up – and choose between her and Ted. Meanwhile, the bear must also deal with a fan who’s stalking him (Giovanni Ribisi).

Ted – Saturday 11.35pm on Channel 4.