Film of the day: The American

The American

The American has more style than substance but nevertheless, this thriller is an interesting outing for George Clooney as an assassin who begins to question his life and chosen line of work after a particularly brutal assignment and seeks anonymity and seclusion in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

While there, he puts his unique skills to use and accepts a commission to design and build a weapon for an undefined hit.

Johan Leysen plays the ice-cold handler who brings work to the American and cleans up after and who spots the first cracks of self-doubt in his previously immaculate killer.

Think of the Westerns in which a man with a violent past seeks redemption and you’ll have a fair idea where this film is ultimately heading. However, it takes its time getting there and this very sedate potboiler benefits immensely from not being rushed. 

Film of the day: The American – Sunday 10.00pm on  Sony Movies.