Film of the day: The Damned United

The Damned United

You probably have to be a bit of a football anorak to fully appreciate this drama based on the excellent book by David Peace. Michael Sheen gets the plum role of Brian Clough, the controversial, outspoken, self-publicist who is regarded as the best manager England never had – though, it was problably Clough himself who started the ball rolling on that one.

The story focuses on the ill-fated 44 days that Clough managed Leeds United Football Club. The incautious former Derby County, Clough, was a regular critic of United under Don Revie and was also a vocal critic of thier players, so it was no surprise when sparks began to fly soon after taking charge. Stars Michael Sheen. Contains strong language.

The Damned United – Sunday at 10.30pm on BBC2.