Film of the Day: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Day After Tomorrow
Dash Mihok’s character stands in ice-gear among frozen New York buildings. Photo: 20th Century Fox

A rather fitting film to play as the COP26 Summit in Glasgow plays out; The Day After Tomorrow is a climate-change apocalypse thriller that bends time and place to show the potential climate change has to destroy millions of lives.

Jack Hall, played by Dennis Quaid, is a climate scientist who urges the US Government to take action against climate change as the destruction of ice shelves could cause rapid global cooling. His son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is in New York when this predicted change begins to happen.

Violent rain turns to hail, then a vast tsunami comes and floods the city, followed by a rapid cooling that freezes the waves into giant ice heaps. Other cities around the world face similar threats, and when the weather changes its life or death for even the simplest tasks. Also starring Emmy Rossum, Ian Holm and Sela Ward.


The Day After Tomorrow – Tuesday at 9pm on Film4