Film of the Day – The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

James Franco dons the mantle of Tommy Wiseau, the aspiring young director responsible for 2003’s The Room – a film often cited as one of the worst of all time – in this tragicomic truestory film. Starring alongside Franco is his brother James, who plays Greg Sestero – a fellow young film-maker with whom Wiseau quickly struck up a friendship – as well as Seth Rogen, Zac Effron and Tommy Wiseau himself.

Spanning the course of Wiseau’s film-making career, the film is a biopic focusing largely around his first effort to break through into the Hollywood big leagues with his previously mentioned 2003 film, The Room – a film which, despite its unrefined and often frankly cringeworthy nature, has become glorified as a pop-culture icon of sorts. The Disaster Artist details friendship, hope and a machiavellian rise to fame – or rather infamy – as it aims to shed light on, and make light of, Wiseau’s life which remains shrouded in mystery to this day.


The Disaster Artist – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 8th of April.