Film of the Day: The Eiger Sanction (1975)

The Eiger Sanction
Clint Eastwood stars as this disgruntled Ex-hitman as he faces one last impossible hit. Photo: Universal

Tense film thriller. Ex-hitman Jonathan Hemlock accepts one last government-sanctioned mission. His devious boss, however, has other plans for the assassin.

Dragged out of retirement by his old C2 bosses, ex-intelligence operative turned art teacher, Jonathan Hemlock, has tried for years to put his rough past behind him. When his hand is forced by circumstance and powers beyond his control, he must reluctantly agree to carry out two final ‘sanctions’ – assassinations. 

The first ‘mark’ is an easy target, but the second involves a treacherous climb up the brutal Eiger, one of the most inhospitable mountains in the Swiss Alps, setting up a deadly game of cat and mouse.


The Eiger Sanction – Thursday at 9pm on BBC Four