Film of the Day: The Festival

The Festival

Joe Thomas stars as a graduate who gets dumped by his girlfriend and goes to a music festival to get over it. But it ain’t gonna be that easy in this outrageous comedy from the creators of The Inbetweeners.

It’s Graduation Day for Nick (Joe Thomas – Simon from The Inbetweeners) and his girlfriend Caitlin (Hannah Tointon) and the future beckons. Trouble is, there’s a slight disparity in the direction the two see the future beckoning them. For Nick, it’s move into a one-bed flat together. For Caitlin, it’s break up. Ouch. But what better way to soothe heartache than indulge in an epic weekend with your mates at a music festival?

Cue drinking… booze and, er, mud, questionable decisions made under the influence, questionable dancing done under the influence, questionable references to the blue people from the film Avatar, and a cameo from Ed Sheeran. Oh, and bumping into Caitlin, again… and again. Awks

The Festival – Monday at 10.00pm on E4.