Film of the day: The Ghost

The Ghost

You just can’t escape political programming these days, but I suppose that’s the price we must pay at election time. This Roman Polanski collaboration with Robert Harris is a thoroughly entertaining thriller which has Ewan McGregor as a cynical journalist who agrees to ghost write the memoirs of Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), a former British Prime Minister who would go to any lengths to build on the ‘special relationship’ with the Americans and now faces the prospect of a war crimes charge for the rendition of terror suspects.

McGregor’s character, though, does his research a little too well and discovers the guy previously hired to write the book was bumped off when he unearthed secrets Lang does not wish to publicise.

The irony of the story of a public figure, once hugely admired but now disgraced and in fear of extradition and prosecution is an amusing little side note to Polanksi’s participation in this film.

The Ghost – Monday at 10.05pm on ITV4.
Photo: Guy Farrandis  ©2009 Summit Entertainment, LLC.