Film of the day: The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts

This is a thoughtful adaptation of Mike Carey’s unorthodox post-apocalyptic, zombie plague short story. The UK, indeed global civilisation, has been all but destroyed by a mutated fungal disease that takes root in its host’s brain and turns him/her into a flesh-eating ‘hungry’.

At a secret military research base, scientists work desperately to find a cure using a small group of test subjects – they are the children of infected women who, rather than being born, ate their way out of their mothers and straight into Glenn Close’s vivisection lab. Ten years on, they seem immune to the brain-busting fungal spores that have decimated mankind but retain an unquenchable hunger for human flesh.

Under the desensitised regime of the lead scientist (Close), the children are subjected to horrific experimentation. However, one girl, Melanie, is different; she stands out from the rest and could be the key to the long-sought cure. But with the camp surrounded by hungries (zombies) and defenses failing, time is fast running out.

The Girl With All The Gifts – Monday at 6.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere. Also available on SkyGo and Sky OnDemand.