Preview: The Last Days on Mars

The Last Days on Mars

Before Matt Damon got himself stranded on the red planet in The Martian, our cinematic obsession with Mars was a lot more malevolent.

This sci-fi thriller is Ruairi Robinson’s feature debut and is set in the near future as an international crew of astronauts are finishing their six-month mission on Mars.

With just 19 hours until a relief vessel arrives to take them home, the crew are relieved but apprehensive about the safety of the journey home. There is also some frustration that they are abandoning objectives before they’ve been completed. This tension is exacerbated when Marko Petrovic’s (Goran Kostic) insistent plea to briefly return to his exploration site is granted by the commander (Koteas). In Petrovic’s absence, the other crew members learn the momentous reason for his doggedness. But his historic discovery will shortly be overshadowed – initially by tragedy, and then by sheer gory terror.

A starry cast including Liev Schreiber, Olivia Williams, Romola Garai and Elias Koteas keep this clever sci-fi thriller.

The Last Days on Mars – Saturday at 01.25am on Channel 4.