Film of the day: The Mask

The Mask - Jim Carey

Riotous 1995 comedy starring Jim Carey that while a little dated is still good for a laugh.

Downtrodden bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss (Carey) just can’t seem to get a break, ridiculed by everyone other than his pet Jack Russell, his life turns around when he finds an ancient mask floating in the river.

Unbeknown to Stanley the artefact is the Mask of Loki and holds magic powers transforming him into a wisecracking cartoon-like alter ego.

The Mask spawned a sequel and a kids TV cartoon series, but neither came close to the madcap chaos of this film. Packed with stock Looney Toons set pieces and in-jokes, director Charles Russell gets the best out of relative newcomer (at the time) Jim Carey and screen first-timer Cameron Diaz.

The story is lame, the action is dizzying and Carey is brilliant as the green-faced motormouth, Mask.

The Mask Thursday 8.00pm on ITV2.