Film of the Day – The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy

Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis star in the 2017 revival of the Mummy franchise which pits our heroes against a number of mythical adversaries both from mythology and pop-culture in a frantically fast-paced, sci-fi extravaganza. Joining Cruise and Wallis are a number of big names such as Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella and Jack Johnson.

After extracting an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus from a pool of mercury in a decrepit “New Kingdom” era tomb, Sergeant Nick Morton and his archaeologist companion, Jenny Halsey, start to experience supernatural events and occurrences culminating in their plane crashing as a result of a swarm of crows attacking it. Waking up resurrected in a London morgue, by means unknown to him, Morton discovers the sarcophagus they extracted from the tomb has also been brought to the city. But what may seem like an archaic relic of an era gone by is actually far more sinister than a simple coffin and as its heavy casings open, Morton and the archaeologists studying it find themselves in grave danger.


The Mummy – Saturday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema (Tom Cruise special).