Film of the day: The Mummy

The Mummy

Tom Cruise steps into boots last worn by Brendan Fraser and squares up against ancient Egyptian evil.

He plays Nick Morton, a renegade US soldier with a lucrative sideline in stealing precious antiquities – an extracurricular activity that gets him in all sorts of trouble when he stumbles across the tomb of undead sorceress Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella, Atomic Blonde).

Awoken from her slumber Ahmanet sets her sights on retrieving a dagger hidden in England, stabbing poor Nick with it and then, as you do, unleashing the terrifying power of the devil.
Transformers/Star Trek writer Alex Kurtzman directs, while Russell Crowe supplies A-list support as a reinvented Dr Jekyll.

The Mummy – From Monday 23 October on Sky Store