Film of the day: The Ring

The Ring - Naomi Watts

A really effective remake of Hideo Nakata’s supernatural horror film. Gore Verbinski directs with aplomb, maintaining the tension throughout and keeping the film away from the usual ‘Hollywood replicates foreign film’ cookie-cutter formula.

It’s 20 years since The Ring was released and it remains a superior horror film that easily sits head and shoulders above the countless ‘curse’ films that have followed.

Noami Watts plays a journalist who is asked to find answers to why a teenager is institutionalised after seeing her friend die … and what relevance a supposedly cursed videotape has in the case.

Like any good hack, Watts watches the tape’s disturbing content and when it ends the phone rings and she receives a simple message … seven days.

Creepy and genuinely scary, The Ring is an excellent way to sit out the small hours in a darkened room on your own.

The Ring – Monday at 10.00pm on FilmFour.

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