Film of the Day – The Truman Show (1998)

Truman show

The Truman Show, featuring Jim Carrey as the titular Truman Burbank, is a film whose premise inspires a degree of paranoia and self-consciousness with its off-beat concept, forcing not only its characters, but also the wider audience, to question what they believe reality to be – the unnerving message which underpins the film, shines through while not detracting from the satirical tone of the piece as a whole. Supporting Carrey; Laura Linney dons the mantle of Hannah Gill, and her alter-ego Meryl Burbank, Truman’s wife while Natasha McEllion plays Sylvia – or rather Laura Garland – who was originally Truman’s high school sweetheart who mysteriously disappeared from his life.

Truman Burbank is an ordinary American man living an ordinary life…or so he thinks; In reality he is oblivious star of the biggest and longest-running reality TV show in history, his entire life made up of actors and hidden cameras which capture his every move. After his high school sweetheart is “axed” for attempting to reveal the truth to an infatuated Truman, she is replaced by a new love-interest in Meryl, who regains control over the show’s unwitting star. As Truman begins to notice strange things, however, which only seem to affect him, he must make a choice whether to escape his faux-reality and face up to the outside world or remain in a bubble of security and fantasy.


The Truman Show (1998) – Tuesday 6:10pm on Sky Cinema (Drama).