Film of the Day – The Wound

The Wound

The conflict between entrenched traditions and modern society comes to the fore in John Trengove’s hard-hitting South African drama, The Wound, starring Niza Jay Ncoyini, Nakhane Touré and Bongile Mantsai. The film revolves around a group of teenagers’ traditional initaition into manhood and their mentor’s own internal struggles.

Xolani is a factory worker who joins the other men of his community in mentoring a group of teenagers through Ulwaluko – a traditional circumcision and initiation ritual held in Eastern Cape’s mountain regions. Xolani is assigned as mentor to Kwanda, a wealthy city-boy from Johannesburg whose contemporary attitudes and priviliged lifestyle begin to conflict with tradition. Things come to a head when Kwanda – who is gay himself – discovers Xolani is harbouring a forbidden love for one of the other mentors, a man named Vija. As Kwanda discovers more about Xolani and Vija’s closeted love affair, tensions between the three men begin to rise.


The Wound – Available as of Monday 23rd on Sky Store.