Film of the day: This is England

This is England

Shane Meadows’ Bafta award-winning drama. It’s the early 1980s and 13-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is enduring bullying at school, both for his dress sense and, more spitefully, the loss of his father in the Falklands War. Then he chances upon a gang of skinheads led by the affable Woody (Joe Gilgun), who, although they appear menacing, accept him into the group, and offer him an identity.

However, when the combustible Combo (Stephen Graham) reappears on the scene after a spell in prison, and introduces the group to his poisonous National Front politics, Shaun finds his loyalties divided and has hard decisions to make.

A short season of the British director’s bracing and brilliant films, scheduled to tie-in with the start of his new series The Virtues, which is due to begin on Channel 4 next week.

This is England – Wednesday at 11.20pm on FilmFour.