Film of the Day – Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Picking up where Angelina Jolie left off more than a decade ago, Alicia Vikander heads a star-studded cast as the iconic archaeologist adventurer, Lara Croft. Based off of Square Enix’s 2013 video game of the same name, Tomb Raider tells the tale of Croft’s quest to discover the secrets of Yamatai and its mythological leader Himiko. Joining Vikander in the series reboot are such names as Dominic West, Derek Jacobi, Walton Goggins and Daniel Wu amongst others.

After discovering that her father’s mysterious disappearance was related to his research into the mythical kingdom of Yamatai and its magical queen, Himiko, Lara Croft travels to Hong Kong to follow his trail. She meets a seafarer by the name of Lu Ren who agrees to make the treacherous voyage through a region known as the devil’s sea to get Croft to Yamatai and together they embark on their mission. However after a violent storm marroons them both on the island in the company of a seperate expedition, funded by a shadowy corporation known as Trinity and led by a man named Mathias Vogel. As darkness descends on the archipelago and the supernatural begins to seep into reality, Lara finds that she, and her new companions, may yet suffer the same fate as those who came before them if they don’t figure out the mysteries of the island.


Tomb Raider – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 16th of July.