Film of the Day: Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy

Mike Leigh’s critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning musical depiction of British theatre in the Victorian era, focusing on famous playwright-composer duo Gilbert and Sullivan.

The film begins in 1884 with Arthur Sullivan (Allan Corduner) and WS Gilbert (Jim Broadbent) riding high as kings of the West End. The pair have produced hit after hit, excelling in comic opera, but their run of success comes to a halt with their latest production, Princess Ida, which flops.

Sullivan thinks he knows the key to getting them back on track: a more serious, dramatic piece. However, Gilbert’s not keen. The two collaborators enter a stand-off of wills, one determined to branch out into something new, the other resolute in sticking to their magic formula.

But when Gilbert visits an exhibition on Japanese culture, a new idea suddenly strikes him.

Topsy Turvy – Monday at 11.05pm on FilmFour.