Film of the day: Trading Places

Trading Places

Excellent Jon Landis comedy that chucks the nature vs nurture theory into the air along with some casual racism and well-trodden stereotypes and lets it fall where it pleases.

Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche play the odious, morally bankrupt but fabulously wealthy Duke brothers who have a one dollar bet that pits street bum hustler Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) against Wall St high-flyer and inveterate snob Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) when their circumstances are switched.

It’s bad news for Winthorpe as the Ivy Leaguer plummets from high roller to depths of despair and the comforting embrace of a prostitute (Jamie Lee Curtis), while Billy Ray decides the Duke’s must pay a price for playing a game with the lives of two men for the price of a dollar.

Fun, games and bad language ensue in this super fun black festive treat. Enjoy.

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