Preview – Tully


Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody – famed for their partnership in the productions of 2007’s Juno, 2009’s Jennifer’s Body and 2011’s Young Adult – reunite for this admirable comedy-drama which delves into the stresses and emotional turbulence of parenthood.

Mackenzie Davis puts in an admirable performance in the titular role as babysitter Tully, while Charlene Theron once again proves herself as one of modern cinema’s leading actresses with a rich display as the struggling mother-of-three, Marlo. Supporting the two leading ladies are Ron Livingston and Mark Duplass as Marlo’s husband, Drew, and his successful brother, Craig, respectively.

Already struggling under the pressure of caring for her two children, beleaguered mother, Marlo, is shocked to discover that she’s pregnant with an unplanned third child. Fearful that she won’t be able to cope with another child on her own – since her son, Jonah, needs special care because of undiagnosed developmental disorder – the troubled new mother-of-three enlists the help of a night nanny named Tully. Though awkward at first, the lines between professionalism and friendship begin to cross and the fatigued Marlo finds herself quickly falling into as much a sense of dependence on the new nanny as her children are.


Tully – Wednesday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema (Select).