Film of the Day – Unsane


Claire Foy stars as the victim of Joshua Leonard’s David Strine – the son of a patient she used to care for who has since become obsessed with her and now stalks her. The Ocean’s series’ Steven Soderbergh takes the reins, eliciting stellar performances from a talented cast including Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple and Amy Irvine as well as Foy and Leonard as mentioned previously.

Sawyer Vallentini finds herself the object of a stalker’s affections after she treated his father for dementia. Plagued by anxiety and paranoia, Sawyer leaves home to escape her stalker’s advances, choosing to seek counselling for her deteriorating mental health at Highland Creek Behavioural Centre. During her consultation, Sawyer unwittingly signs herself up for a 24 hour stay in the centre and begins to discover something very sinister about the halls of the facility – particularly so when David Strine, the man who was originally stalking her, turns up.


Unsane – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 16th of July.