Film of the Day: Upgrade


Leigh Wannell’s disturbing sci-fi tale has a thick streak of black comedy running throughout.

After robbery victim (Logan Marshall-Green) is left widowed and paraplegic, he gets a new shot at life courtesy of a revolutionary tech implant authored by a reclusive cyber-tech genius (Harrison Gilbertson). With the AI implant cure comes superhuman agility, a thirst for revenge … and Siri-like OS voice inside his head.

Marshall-Green is hugely charismatic as the part man/part machine vigilante wrestling with his conscience and his new operating system. Upgrade is like an Ai version of Venom – once it gets going it is a fleet-footed, inventive thriller with some great set-piece fight sequences and a pounding soundtrack. What’s not to enjoy?

Upgrade – Thursday 10.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere.