Film of the Day: Us

Lupita Nyongo - Us

Last night we had Jordan Peele’s breakout hit Get Out as Film of the Day, tonight we go with his creepy 2019 doppelganger thriller, Us.

Lupita Nyongo stars as Adelaide Wilson, a mum who takes her family for a beachside holiday in her childhood home on the California coast. The setting is idyllic and family life the picture of contentment … but something just ain’t right.

Adelaide has papered over a childhood trauma and her return to the place where she grew up begins to churn up disturbing memories and a series of chilling coincidences.

Sure enough, when night falls, the Wilson’s are visited by four shadowy intruders, who are revealed to be terrifying doppelgangers of the family. Can the Wilson’s survive the night … and themselves?

US – from Friday on Sky Cinema Premiere and NowTV.