Film of the day: V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

Nothing like a film about a country sleep-walking into autocracy at a time like this is there?

Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta presents a vision of Britain under a totalitarian government that seeks out and silences dissenters and undesirables – in this case, gays, Muslims and political activists.

Natalie Portman plays Evey, a woman who is targeted by the State’s brutal secret police. Shaven-headed, beaten and broken, she is rescued by V (Hugo Weaving), an escaped anarchist dissident who hides behind a Guy Fawkes mask to hide his hideously burned skin. He plots ruin for the oppressive regime through any means necessary.

There is little subtlety on show here and you have to decide for yourself if V is a fighter against tyranny or a terrorist.

V for Vendetta is bold and thought-provoking. Strong and stable government, anyone?
V for Vendetta Monday 9.00pm on Syfy.