Film of the Day – Victoria and Abdul

Victoria and Abdul

Stephen Frears’ 2017 period-drama – boasting a handful of prestigious awards with golden globes, BAFTAs and academy awards nominations alike – tells the story of Queen Victoria’s unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk who had travelled to Britain to serve in her Golden Jubilee. Dame Judi Dench becomes the iconic matriarch, Victoria, and Ali Fazal plays the young prison clerk, Abdul. Eddie Izzard, Michael Gambon and Tim Pigott-Smith also feature.

After being ordered to travel to England to present Queen Victoria with a token of appreciation for her rule of British-ruled India – a specially minted mohur coin – Abdul, a young prison clerk from Agar, embarks on his journey across the world to Britain. During his service to the queen during her Golden Jubilee, Abdul becomes the subject of the interest of Victoria herself – tired with all of her courtier and fascinated by his exotic culture – from a which a forbidden friendship begins to blossom. Resented the queen’s courtiers, most strongly so by her son Bertie, Abdul and Victoria’s friendship is beset on all sides from those who would see it broken up. The film tells the story of an old lady trying to rediscover her humanity and to open her eyes to the exotic kingdom she presides over.


Victoria and Abdul – Thursday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema