Film of the Day – Walking Out

walking out

Walking Out tells the story of an estranged father and his son travelling out into the wilderness of Montana for a hunting trip which turns out to be a make-or-break for their relationship. Starring Josh Wiggins, Matt Bomer and Bill Pullman, the film debuted at the 2017 Sundance film festival before being premiered worldwide later that year in October.

After being asked to accompany his father on a hunting trip in the woodlands up-state, an urban teenager, David (played by Josh Wiggins) finds himself knee-deep in the icy expanses of Montana wilderness in a situation which is entirely alien to him. Hoping he could use the opportunity to patch up his relationship with each other, father Cal (Matt Bomer) and his son are plunged into a life-or-death situation after a chance encounter with a grizzly bear turns into a brutal fight for survival. The two must set aside their differences and band together if they are to ever make it back home alive.


Walking Out – Thursday 9:45pm on Sky Premiere.