Film of the day: We Own the Night

We Own the Niight

We Own the Night is a slow-burning rumble through the cocaine-fuelled late 1980s New York club scene.

It’s a tale of betrayal, sibling rivalry and organised crime in which black sheep Bobby, Joaquin Phoenix, ignores the pleas of his father and brother (both of whom are police officers) to beware that his club is being used as a front for the work of brutal Russian gangsters.

Never one to heed advice, Bobby is soon out of his depth and forced to make desperate choices between family and his own security as his once amenable Eastern European clientele begin to wrest control of the club from him and show that they have a very final way of removing anyone who stands up to them.

Robert Duvall and Mark Wahlberg star as Bobby’s father and brother in this James (The Yards) Gray directed crime drama. It’s a bit off point on some of its period detail but it is nevertheless a good film.

We Own the Night – Monday at 11.20pm on Sony Movies.