Film of the Day: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Based on Kim Barker’s blackly comic memoir The Taliban Shuffle, Fey takes the role of a cable news reporter – dropping an ‘r’ to become Kim Baker (clever) – who swaps mundane reportage in Chicago for mundane reportage from Kabul in Afghanistan.

The humour is not as signposted as many of Fey’s big screen outings – think Date Night and Sisters – instead, it takes a look at the absurdity of war while also pointing a finger at gender politics and the way women are viewed/portrayed in what is a male-dominated sphere.

WTF respectfully aims away from the military satire of Catch 22 and M*A*S*H and plays its humour well as Fey fights against the indifference of her army handlers and the lack of interest of her editors back in the US. While some of the alcohol-fuelled debaucheries of the Kabul media community, known as the Kabubble, seem a bit cliched, Barker vouched for its authenticity.

The screenplay by Robert Carlock (a long-time Fey collaborator) keeps the one-liners and witty dialogue chipping along while developing Fey’s character from wide-eyed warzone virgin to reckless, risk taker who will go to any lengths to get into the field and get the story.

Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Tuesday 10.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere