Film of the Day: Wild Rose (2018)


The coming-of-age drama starring BAFTA nominated Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters and Sophie Okonedo. In Glasgow, Rose-Lynn (Buckley) leaves prison after a narcotics conviction and takes a new direction in her life. She has a big voice, she loves country music, and it’s obvious to her, even if to no one else, that she must get to Nashville. 

The fact that she has two young children, that their grandmother Marion (Walters) has been looking after, seems a minor detail that can be ignored. Marion is angrily mystified that Rose-Lynn appears set on leaving the children with her again while she chases her dreams as she is determined that her wilful daughter settle down to take on parental responsibilities. 

But when Susannah (Okonedo), the mother of the middle-class family that Rose-Lynn cleans for, begins to take an interest in her after hearing her sing, suddenly those dreams of stardom don’t seem so ridiculous.


Wild Rose – Wednesday at 9pm on Film4