Film of the Day – Wonder Woman


Given that its International Women’s Day, it seems fairly pertinent that we should celebrate what was such a massively important and equally as successful step for feminism in the form of the 2017 blockbuster; Wonder Woman. Whether it’s Gal Gadot’s charismatic and awe-inspiring heroin’s performance or Patty Jenkins’ masterfully nuanced direction, the film reaches just the same heights – if not further – than its DC precursor films and makes a fine addition to the comic book movie universe. The film stars Gal Gadot as the titular heroin, alongside Chris Pine, David Thewlis and Connie Nielsen.

Before she was Wonder Woman, Gadot takes the mantle of Diana, princess of the Amazonians – a mythical race of female warriors who are descended from the ancient Greek gods – who live on a hidden archipelago of islands somewhere out in the vast expanses of one of earth’s oceans. The “big bad” of the plot comes in the form of Ares who, as we learn, killed all of the Amazonians’ divine ancestors, vowing one day to return to cleanse the world of humanity in the typical pantomime villain way. Despite being reluctant at first, Diana’s mother allows her to train as a warrior but staunchly rejects even the notion of allowing her people to go to war. This is short lived however, as the horrors and bloodshed of World War 1 find their way to the shore of the mythical islands in the guise of downed American fighter pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and the German warship pursuing him. Taking this is the work of Ares -insinuating that it was he who incited such atrocities to start the war in the first place – Diana sets out with her new companion in tow to end the bloodshed before it consumes the entire planet.


Wonder Woman (2017) – Available on Sky Store as of Thursday 8th of March.