Film of the day: Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein

Celebratory parody of the 1930s Frankenstein films as the doctor’s grandson inherits the creepy old Transylvanian estate and makes his own monster.

Genre godfather Mel Brooks serves up some comedy excellence  in which Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) is the reluctant grandson to everyone’s favourite mad scientist: ‘it’s pronounced Fron-ken-steen!’

After inheriting the family estate, he scoots over to Transylvania, discovers his grandpa’s lost journals, and resumes the god-playing experiments. The monster is created and later dances a gigglesome version of Putting On The Ritz. It’s all a highly astute spoof of 30s horror films, complete with grainy black and white photography, pitchfork-waving angry townsfolk and ominous foggy graveyards. Very silly, enduringly funny.

Young Frankenstein – Saturday at 11.15pm on BBC2.