Film Preview – Gladiator (2000)


Director Ridley Scott – responsible for leading on the Alien franchise, Blade Runner and Hannibal amongst other blockbusters – proves he can not only pull off a historic epic with the same ease as he can with the sci-fi genre but thast he also excels at it. Supported by a star studded cast including Oscar winning Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, the film excels in its portrayal of classical tragedy – only furthered though by Hanz Zimmer’s accompanying soundtrack.

The plot centers around Maximus Decidus Meridius, an exemplary roman general who is held in high esteem by the emperor Marcus Aurellius – so much so that he is unofficially name heir to the Roman empire by the emperor himself. The plot is embellished with betrayal, tragedy and revenge making a thoroughly exciting addition to the tradgic genre, while the epic action pieces provide an aspect to the film which makes it easier to digest with little thought required for the gore-ridden arena battles and a break from the broodings and plots of the main cast.


Gladiator (2000) – Friday 9:00pm on Film 4