Finding Your Feet

Finding your feet

Comedy starring Imelda Staunton as a posh woman who goes to live with her sister on a London housing estate after discovering that her husband has been having an affair with her best friend. At a grand soiree given in her honour, Lady Sandra Abbott (Staunton) discovers that her husband, Mike (John Sessions), has been having an affair with her best friend, Pamela (Josie Lawrence). Justifiably outraged, she leaves him. But where for? The only person she can think of staying with is her sister, Bif (Celia Imrie), who lives on a London housing estate. The sisters couldn’t be more different, but when Bif invites Sandra to her dance class, things start to change. Will two sisters rediscover the relationship they had when they were kids? Could ‘her majesty’ find happiness so late in life? And even end up living on a barge? Hope so! The ensemble cast of great British talent also includes Timothy Spall and Joanna Lumley.

Finding Your Feet – Saturday 8pm on Channel 4