First Dates – Valentine’s

First Dates - Valentine's

It’s Valentine’s Day at the First Dates restaurant, and Fred Sirieix and the staff are serving extra portions of love with fingers crossed for a fresh bunch of hopeful singletons. First through the doors is 35-year-old Chris, who’s looking for a change of fortune following redundancy, divorce and a heart attack. Veterinary nurse Kaz would like to settle down and start a family. Most men run a mile when Kaz talks about children on a date, but will it be music to broken-hearted Chris’s ears? Former nightclub singers and 75-year-old twins Hazel and Brenda are tired of online dating and meeting men who ‘turn up in slippers with dinner down their fronts’. They each seek a bloke with a bit of ‘va va voom’. When Jim arrives for a date with Brenda, they instantly take a shine to one another, but it’s a different story for Hazel and former pub landlord Kevin. Bar manager Saskia is a sucker for an Irish accent, and she and Irish car saleswoman Roisin can’t stop flirting. But will the two want to see each other again?

First Dates – Valentine’s – Thursday 10pm on Channel 4

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