Five Dates a week

Five Dates a Week

Five Dates a Week is the dating show that fast-tracks the ‘getting to know you’ phase of the relationship. It features hopeful romantics of all genders and sexual orientations, opening themselves up to the affections of five live-in suitors… all at the same time. The ‘picker’ and their five potential partners move in together to romantic Cupid Cottage. Throughout the week, the suitors compete against each other to stay the course, knowing that, each day, one of them must be eliminated. When five become one, will the final admirer turn out to be the perfect match? In this episode, we meet 24-year-old warehouse manager Santino, who has never had a girlfriend before. He’s heading to Cupid Cottage in the hope that one of the girls inside could help him break his duck. Vying for his attention are marketing manager Georgie, who hates the way she sometimes doesn’t get texted back after a date, sales advisor Shannon, whose repertoire boasts impressive pizza-making skills and the ability to bring the life and soul to any party, and lettings consultant Saby, whose eyes do the talking. The three are joined by eyelash technician Lydia, who’s looking for a guy who can really make her laugh, but it’s personal assistant Ellie who catches Santino’s eye first… Santino’s emotions go through the wringer as he struggles to decide who he’s going to choose. But before he can make his mind up, one of the girls has a surprise for him…

Five Dates a week – Sunday 10pm on Channel 4

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